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100% of profits will be donated to the Cancer Research Society

What would you say to a 2021 Honda Civic LX to start the New Year?

By participating in the Tirage de l’espoir you could be the lucky winner! For several years now, we have been involved with the CRS Challenge and raised funds for the Cancer Research Society. This year, one of the fundraising events is a draw! It’s an opportunity to forge human connections, to get involved in a cause we are passionate about and, most importantly, to make a real difference in funding for cancer research.

Wishing you the best of luck in winning a fabulous car, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your encouragement. We know that, together, we’ll all come out winners through the Tirage de l’espoir and your support.

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.

- Bernard Williams

Our team

Although I am strongly motivated, on both a personal and a family level, to get involved in this adventure, I want to dedicate my efforts, commitment and energy to Laurent-Luc DeSerres, an exceptional human being who is swimming in turbulent waters at the moment because of this horrible disease.
Francine Nadon
I needed a personal challenge because I often face challenges professionally. A quest, so to speak, to go above and beyond. I felt the CRS offered me this opportunity while getting involved in a cause that affects everyone.
Edith Goulet
More than a year ago, I embarked on this fantastic adventure to give hope to my brother-in-law who was fighting cancer. Today, six months after his death, I am even more passionate about this challenge because hope is all you have left in the face of this disease.
Sophie Lalancette
Having lost my mother to this disease called cancer, I now dedicate my time to the Society to help your loved ones enjoy a better quality of life or even stay alive.
Mario Jacques
My motivation for this cause, which I am passionate about, is mainly my mother, Johanne, who left us much too soon, and my dear friend, Marie, who is on chemotherapy at the moment and is, for me, a model of strength and positivity.
Vicki Krasinchuk
Cancer, what a terrible disease! We can sit idly by, but we have chosen to make a difference. We all know someone who is fighting or who has fought cancer. Just by purchasing a ticket (or tickets)… Help us revive Hope!
Stanley & Solange

Our team is participating in the CRS Challenge

For the benefit of the

Because research is our hope

We are involved in funding the Cancer Research Society because we strongly believe in its mission, values and governance.

Since 1945, this organization has been committed with vigour, conviction and determination to do everything it can to help Canadian researchers find solutions to beat cancer.

We are all affected in some way or another by the repercussions of this disease. Even though many forms can now be treated thanks to the incredible scientific advances that have been made, cancer still wreaks far too much havoc. That’s why we believe it’s paramount to nurture hope and continue research so that one day we can finally say, “Cancer used to be ….”

Draw details

* The prize must be claimed by appointment only with the Cancer Research Society representative and will be delivered to the address of the Longueuil Honda dealership within 60 days after the date of the draw.

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